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I'm local and have firmed my offer from you. Will this influence your decision if I don't meet the required grades? Hannah, Norfolk


Our Answer:

Hi Hannah, you're not alone in worrying about grades and near misses. Hopefully this answer will give you a bit of insight into what happens around the time of A-level results day and how decisions are made. 

Each year, we do usually accept a number of students who have not quite met their offer, but we won’t know how many this is until we have received all of the A-level results. We then look at how many students met their offer and how many places are left over. For those who are a near miss, we take this on a case-by-case basis, looking at qualifications, references, personal statements, and any other information that might have been sent to us, and would fill remaining places with those candidates that we feel would be best-qualified for the course. As far as location goes, this has no bearing on our decision.

It’s good that you have made us your Firm choice as this does allow us more flexibility than if you had chosen us as your insurance. 

Hope this helps, fingers crossed and we hope to see you in September! 

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