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I am hoping to apply to study American Studies at UEA and I was wondering if you take Photography as a credible A Level option, compared to Chemistry for example? Jessica, London


Our Answer:

Hi Jessica – first of all, excellent choice of course! Did you know that UEA ranks third in the UK for American Studies according to The Guardian University Guide 2017 and we also came second in the 2015 National Student Survey? I can also personally vouch for the quality of American Studies at UEA, having studied a fascinating module on the history of American Music in the second year of my literature degree. But I digress… back to your question!

I’m pleased to say it’s all good news. We are very happy to accept an A-level in Photography for entry to BA American Studies (as well as for many other courses at UEA for that matter!). You may also be interested to know that our American Studies course even has an optional module in Year 2 called “Looking at Pictures: Photography and Visual Cultures in the USA”, which specifically focuses on photography and visual texts and the role these have played in reflecting and contributing to American cultural identity. For more information on this, check out the BA American Studies course page and scroll down to course modules. Good luck with your application!  

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