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How would I write my personal statement if I am applying for two different subjects? Jade, Ipswich


Our Answer:

As you’re probably aware, there is lots of information on writing a personal statement out there. We have an article on our website on things to avoid, and we’ve also already answered a question about this topic

But your question has the additional twist of applying for two different subjects. How you write your personal statement will depend on whether you are applying for that combination of subjects at every university or, for example, psychology at one and law at another. I spoke to Avril in the Admissions team and this is her advice:

‘At UEA we’re happy to receive additional statements if you feel that the more general one that goes to UCAS doesn’t quite cover what you want to tell us about the course(s) you’re applying for. The best thing to do is to send us an email with an additional statement, with your name and applicant number, then we’ll be able to link the two up. Our email address is admissions@uea.ac.uk

Other universities will probably also be happy with this but you should check with them individually.

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