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How do i apply for a midwifery placement? Lucy, Stansted


Our Answer:

UEA Midwifery students learn through first-hand experience, linking theory and practice to gain valuable insight. With placement(s), lectures and personal study, UEA Midwifery graduates are prepared for the interdisciplinary teamwork required in a clinical environment. 

You don’t need to apply for your placement, prior to the start of the course we will get in touch with confirmed Midwifery applicants to provide them with further details regarding their placement and where they will be based. UEA has connections with East Anglian hospitals for placements. UEA is a member of the Norwich Research Park partnership which also includes Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and has additional connections with James Paget University Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

If an applicant has circumstances which mean it would be difficult for them to attend placement at a certain location (they have young children, are a carer etc.) then they should let us know and we can take it into consideration. If they provide us with a preference for their placement there is no guarantee that they will be placed there as there are a limited number of placements at each location.

We will teach you the highest standards of care and give you the necessary skills required to enable you to support the needs of childbearing women and their families and the placement is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and start your career.  

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