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When can I move into my accommodation at UEA? Arianna, Haverfordwest


Our Answer:

Moving into university accommodation is an exciting and sometimes scary time, and you may be wondering when you should travel to Norwich, or what day you'll be able to get into your room for the first time? 

UEA has different timeframes for different types of students, but there are a few things that need to happen before you are given a date.


  • First things first, make sure you've actually applied for a room if you want one! 
  • The School you've applied to need to be satisfied that you've met all the entry criteria for their course. For most Home students this decision will be made the week after A level results are published. The university can then provisionally enroll you as a student.

Moving In

Once you're provisionally enrolled, and you've made an application for accommodation, you'll be emailed a room offer, which will give you your specific room number. This offer will also tell you exactly when you should arrive on campus.

It's worth mentioning that fees for your accommodation are not normally required before you move in. You might also want to consider arriving at a time when shops/banks etc. would usually be open, in case there's anything you need to buy or arrange.

The Accommodation pages of our website offer a lot of information and tips for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, so it's worth checking them out.

If you still have questions about accommodation, the Accommodation Team should also be able to help you.

Good luck! And we hope you enjoy your stay at UEA.


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