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What's the difference between Norfolk terrace and Suffolk Terrace? Sam, London


Our Answer:

The simple answer to this is there is no difference as they are exactly the same. Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace are the iconic Ziggurats; architecturally unique and Grade II listed, with every room having a view of the UEA Broad. 

Both are classed as our standard single accommodation, with a shared bathroom and kitchen. As a student, I lived in Suffolk Terrace and loved it! My room was pretty spacious (as uni study bedrooms go) and I never had to queue for the shower/bathroom. It’s also great to gaze out to the Broad while you’re trying to focus on essays!

When you apply for accommodation, you won’t be able to specify either Norfolk or Suffolk Terrace, but this also doesn’t matter as they are minutes away from each other and have the same facilities. To have a look at all the accommodation available, have a look at the options on our website

One of our student vloggers, Nina, lived in the Ziggurats in her first year at UEA – the video above will give you a bit of a sneak peek into what it’s like. 

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