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What happens if I don't get on with my flatmates? Charlie, Romford


Our Answer:

You’re not alone in thinking this. People can be annoying, right? But that’s the beauty of university – even the annoying ones become your mates, if only for one night. Before you start your degree, this is a completely natural thing to worry about, but in reality there is absolutely nothing you can do about the lucky dip of people you live with in halls.  

The truth is that you will actually meet some of the best people you’ll ever come across in your life while studying at university. You have similar interests as you could be on the same degree. You both chose UEA, which means you’re already a certain type of cool. And whether you are neighbours with your mates or not doesn’t really matter in the long run.  

You will actually find that, especially as a fresher, you won’t spend that much time in your bedroom. You’ll be at the library. In lessons. Coffee shops. Studying by the lake. Partying. Pubbing. Kayaking down the River Yare. Playing badminton at the Sportspark. Seeing a film. Hosting a Student Union event. Shopping. Crashing at a friend’s. Halls will become your familiar second home but your life will revolve around your friends, not your room.  
And if you are unfortunate enough to draw the short straw and completely clash with your flatties? The UEA Accommodation Office is on hand to help and have a real knack for sorting out situations to ensure that everyone is happy in their dorm. Failing that, the Student Support Service are always available to assist with issues that might require professional intervention… such as someone practicing the recorder at 2am.  

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