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What do the rooms come with? Sal, Brighton


Our Answer:

UEA isn’t just a great place to study it is also an excellent place to live. Our accommodation includes iconic award winning architecture, including Grade 2 listed Norfolk and Suffolk Terrace, to brand new accommodation which has just been built. We aim to provide high quality accommodation at affordable prices with a range for you to choose which type of accommodation is perfect for you. We offer on campus accommodation and accommodation in the fine city of Norwich, just a short bus journey away from campus.

Rooms are available to meet the needs of students with physical and/or sensory disabilities or severe allergies and can accommodate carers. There are some things that you would expect your room to come with and we deliver those such as a bed and mattress, study desk, chair, wardrobe, drawers, shelving space, blinds/curtains and a noticeboard and bins. You will also benefit from free access to UEA wireless internet network and housekeeping support to empty bins and clean bathrooms. Rooms come with carpeted floors or vinyl floors for allergy sufferers.

Senior Residents are in halls to be there for you for any support you need throughout the year and ask them questions about campus and uni life. UEA’s dedicated Security team are on hand 24/7 365 days a year for any support that is needed and to keep campus safe (which is a safe campus community!). The security team are also on hand to help you with keeping your property safe by marking your property.

Here’s a handy list of what to pack and what not to pack and check out the home from home student accommodation handbook for more info.  

The accommodation facilities do vary slightly by each type of residence and you can take a look at our accommodation guide on the range of accommodation on offer at UEA. You can also have a look at the Facebook gallery for photos of the rooms and accommodation.    

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