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Can my partner live with me at UEA? If not, what can we do? Kirsten, Norfolk


Our Answer:

Hello Kirsten, when you apply for UEA Accommodation, you can use the ‘additional details’ part of your application form to request that you share with your partner in your first year, but it is not always guaranteed.

The alternative option is to choose private sector accommodation in your first year (keeping in mind most students will be going into private accommodation after first year anyway). The cost of renting is going to be more affordable with two of you, and as you'll both be students you'll benefit from being exempt from council tax to keep bills down. There are some great options close by to the university, and if you go further afield you can take advantage of the discounted bus pass to get you around Norwich.

The general consensus is that it’s not advisable to share with a partner as things can change once you move away from home and start a new life at university. I don’t want to sound like the voice of doom, and without being too pessimistic, not all relationships last the first full year at university, and it could become quite awkward living with someone you’re no longer head over heels about! The later we get into first year the more difficult it will become to change your living arrangements if you do break up, and you could end up stuck with the very person you really don’t want to see every day!

Therefore, it might be more advisable to have your own separate rooms in similar accommodation so you both have your own personal space, yet live close enough to see each other outside of lectures and seminars. You’ll also end up making friends with two different sets of flatmates as a result – an additional advantage!

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