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Can my friend and I share accommodation if we are doing different courses? Charlotte, Stowmarket


Our Answer:

Hello Charlotte, unlike some universities, our accommodation has a mix of students studying a variety of courses, meaning you get to know people away from the subject you have chosen to study. You could be a Nursing student, living with Art History, Pharmacy, and Psychology students. You get a broad mix living here!

Therefore in theory it is feasible you and your friend may live within the same accommodation if they are studying a different course. 

However, while our accommodation office will try to ensure you and your friend get your first choice accommodation, this is not always possible, so do keep that in mind when applying. We would recommend mentioning on the notes if you are both hoping to live together.

Even if you do not manage to live in the same flat together, the great thing about our campus accommodation is that they are all very close together, so you will be in walking distance of each other.

Don’t forget after your first year you will be looking for private accommodation for the remainder of your studies here, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you and your friends to live together in Norwich!

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