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Can I take my own mini fridge, microwave and oven to use in my room at UEA? Sonia, Bristol


Our Answer:

There are some essential electrical items you may wish to bring with you to university, which include an iron, a hairdryer, straighteners, or an electric shaver.

However, there are some electrical items that are not allowed in residences. These include fridges, microwaves, mini ovens, or mini grills, which could pose a fire risk within your room.

We think that the offering within the kitchens in our accommodation blocks will be more than suitable for your stay on campus, and will cover what you need when you need to eat. They include combination microwave ovens, a toaster and grill, a hob, a fridge, and freezer.

You can get some tips on cooking, and in particular cooking with a combination microwave oven (it does more than you think!) on our website

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