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Can I apply for an en suite room in a flat with a traditional oven, rather than a microwave? Ellie, London


Our Answer:

We would recommend you take a look at this room comparison chart to get an idea of what the different cooking options are across UEA’s halls of residences. They vary - and as you rightly point out - some contain a traditional oven and some contain a 'combination oven’ which contain a convection oven and microwave.

When it comes to our en-suite campus flats right now they do not contain traditional ovens, and are all fitted with the combination oven options, as well as a hob and grill.

One thing I need to debunk is the myth that not having a traditional oven disadvantages you. As this article points out, having a convection oven and microwave means you can still create all of those meals you're used at home, and be a little more creative too!

If you’re planning to live in the en-suite campus flats there will be between 8 and 12 of you all living in the same block of flats, so the important thing to stress is whether you're a dab hand at cooking or a bit of a novice you're not going to be alone and you can share skills! Getting together and sharing cooking and washing up responsibilities is a good way to get to know your flatmates as well as getting to know the technology and ensuring you eat well too!

Plus having discount food stores across the city, our student cookbook, and online YouTube tutorials means there has never been a better time to try your hand at cooking and to try something new!

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