The flagship institution of Louisiana The flagship institution of Louisiana

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge (LSU) is a public institution that was founded in 1860. It is near the Mississippi River, in the southeast part of the state. Since 1860, LSU has served the world through extensive, multipurpose programs encompassing instruction, research, and public service.

Outside the classroom, LSU students can explore more than 350 student organisations or check out the unique, free facilities nearby, including the 14-acre Hilltop Arboretum or the Louisiana Museum of Natural History. Sports fans can visit the Andonie Museum, which is also free and all about the history of LSU athletics.

Tiger Stadium is legendary for the crowd noise generated by fans. Although originally to be nicknamed "Deaf Valley" for its incredible levels of sound, the nickname "Death Valley" caught on instead. It is the tenth-largest college football stadium in the nation. The Tiger Stadium atmosphere is generally considered one of the loudest and most electrifying college football experiences in the country.

Quick facts:

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
City Population: 802,484
University Population: 29,549
Climate: Humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot and humid summers .
Nearest Airport: Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport


Why choose LSU?

  1. The LSU campus houses eight museums that feature original works by students as well as traveling exhibits by local, national, and international artists
  2. LSU Athletics is represented by its mascot, a live Bengal tiger named Mike the Tiger
  3. There are over 350 student organizations currently active at LSU, including a student government and 38 fraternities and sororities