Situated in the largest town in Massachusetts Situated in the largest town in Massachusetts

Why choose FSU?

  1. Framingham State University was named a "Green College" by the Princeton Review
  2. Notable alumni include the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie
  3. FSU offers a wide variety of intramural programs and a state-of-the-art athletic and recreation center


Quick facts:

Location: Framingham, Massachusetts

City population: 67,000

University population: 6,415

Climate: Summers are typically warm, rainy, and humid, while winters are cold, windy, and snowy. Spring and autumn are usually mild, but conditions are widely varied.

Nearest Airport: Logan International Airport



Framingham State University is located 20 miles west of Boston. The university is situated on a beautiful, 50 acre, traditional New England campus in Framingham, the largest town in Massachusetts. Its location provides an exciting environment with countless opportunities.

FSU offers small, personalised classes to undergraduate and graduate students. As a public university, Framingham State prides itself on its quality academic programs, affordability and commitment to access for all qualified students. When students are asked why they chose to attenbd FSU, they highlight its outstanding academic reputation, interesting course offerings, exciing location, sense of community spirit and, of course, its affordable cost.

The breadth of progammes offered by FSU reflects diverse faculty expertise. Its many undergraduate programmes range from Art to Biology to Communication Arts.