Partner Universities in the United States Partner Universities in the United States

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For more than 25 years, the University has actively participated in student mobility programmes and has well-established links with outstanding colleges and universities across the North American continent. Spaces available to each School of study will be provided at the Introduction to the Year Abroad meeting during the beginning of second year. 

Please note that availability of places varies from year to year based upon student mobility.


University Country City Subject Area
University of Alaska USA Anchorage, Alaska AMS, FTM, BIO, ENV, single semester
University of Arizona USA Tucson, Arizona AMS, ART, FTM, ENV, MTH, ECO, single semester
Belmont University USA Nashville, Tennessee AMS, FTM, EDU
Bennington College USA Bennington, Vermont AMS, FTM
Binghamton University : State University of New York USA Binghamton, New York ART, AMS, BIO, CHE, FTM, single semester
University of California USA various ART, AMS, BIO, CHE, CMP, ENV, FTM, MTH, NatSci, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Clark University USA Worcester, Massachusetts AMS, FTM
University of Colorado USA Boulder, Colorado ART, AMS, CHE, ENV, FTM, MTH, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Florida International University USA Greater Miami, Florida AMS, FTM, CHE, NatSci, PSY, single semester
Framingham State University USA Framingham, Massachusetts AMS, FTM, BIO, single semester
George Mason University USA Fairfax, Virginia AMS, FTM, PSY, single semester
Georgetown University USA Washington, District of Columbia AMS, FTM, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Goucher College USA Baltimore, Maryland ART, AMS, FTM, ENV, DEV, single semester
University of Hawa'ii - Manoa USA Honolulu, Hawai'i AMS, FTM, ENV, ECO, single semester
High Point University USA High Point, North Carolina EDU, AMS, FTM
Hobart and William Smith Colleges USA Geneva, New York AMS, FTM, BIO, DEV, single semester
Houston College of Law USA Houston, Texas LAW
University of Illinois USA Urbana-Champaign, Illinois AMS, CHE, ENV, FTM, MTH, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
University of Kansas USA Lawrence, Kansas AMS, FTM, PSY, single semester
Louisiana State University USA Baton Rouge, Louisiana AMS, BIO, FTM, ENV, PSY, single semester
Loyola University USA New Orleans, Louisiana AMS, FTM, ENV, PSY, single semester
University of Maine USA Orono, Maine AMS, BIO, ENV, FTM, single semester
University of Massachusetts - Amherst USA Amherst, Massachusetts AMS, FTM, CHE, ENV, MTH, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Middlebury College USA Middlebury, Vermont AMS, FTM, PSY, single semester
University of Minnesota USA Minneapolis, Minnesota AMS, FTM, NBS, ECO, single semester
University of Mississippi USA Oxford, Mississippi AMS, FTM, CMP, single semester
University of Missouri - Columbia USA Columbia, Missouri AMS, ART, BIO, ENV, FTM, single semester
University of Missouri - St Louis USA St Louis, Missouri AMS, ART, FTM, ENV, single semester
University of New Mexico USA Albuquerque, New Mexico AMS, ART, FTM, PSY, DEV, single semester
University of North Carolina - Asheville USA Asheville, North Carolina AMS, FTM, BIO, EDU, DEV
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill USA Chapel Hill, North Carolina AMS, ENV, FTM, MTH, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Northeastern University USA Boston, Massachusetts AMS, FTM, PSY
Northern Arizona University USA Flagstaff, Arizona AMS, FTM, single semester
University of Notre Dame USA South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana AMS, FTM, BIO, NBS, PSY, ECO, single semester
Oakland University USA Rochester, Michigan AMS, FTM, single semester
Occidental College USA Los Angeles, California AMS, FTM, single semester
University of Oklahoma USA Norman, Oklahoma AMS, FTM, ENV, DEV, single semester
University of Oregon USA Eugene, Oregon AMS, FTM, CMP, ENV, PSY, single semester
Pace University USA New York/ Pleasantville, New York AMS
State University of New York: Plattsburgh USA Plattsburgh, New York AMS, ART, ENV, FTM, DEV, single semester
University of Redlands USA Redlands, California AMS, FTM, single semester
Reed College USA Portland, Oregon AMS, FTM, single semester
University of Rhode Island USA Kingston, Rhode Island AMS, BIO, FTM, ENV, single semester
University of Richmond USA Richmond, Virginia AMS, FTM, single semester
Roanoke College USA Salem, Virginia AMS, FTM, single semester
Rutgers: State University of New Jersey USA New Brunswick, New Jersey AMS, ART, FTM, ENV, NBS, PSY, single semester
Samford University - Cumberland School of Law USA Birmingham, Alabama LAW
San Francisco State University USA San Francisco, California AMS, ART, BIO, CMP, CHE, ENV, FTM, NatSci, PSY, DEV, single semester
Stetson College of Law USA Gulfport, Florida LAW
Stetson University USA DeLand, Florida AMS, FTM, DEV, single semester
St Olaf College USA Northfield, Minnesota AMS, FTM, single semester
Temple University USA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania AMS, ART, FTM, PSY, single semester
Tulane University USA New Orleans, Louisiana AMS, BIO, FTM, PSY, single semester
University of Utah USA Salt Lake City, Utah AMS, BIO, ENV, FTM, MTH, NBS, single semester
Western Kentucky University USA Bowling Green, Kentucky AMS, FTM, DEV
Westminster College USA Fulton, Missouri AMS, FTM, DEV