Our partner universities in Canada Our partner universities in Canada

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For more than 25 years, the University has actively participated in student mobility programmes and has well-established links with outstanding colleges and universities across the North American continent. Spaces available to each School of study will be provided at the Introduction to the Year Abroad meeting during the beginning of second year. 

Please note that availability of places varies from year to year based upon student mobility.

University Country City Subject Area
University of British Columbia Canada Vancouver, British Columbia AMS, ART, FTM, BIO, CHE, ENV, MTH, NatSci, NBS
University of Calgary Canada Calgary, Alberta CHE, ENV, NatSci
Carleton University Canada Ottawa, Ontario AMS, FTM, CMP, NatSci
University of Guelph Canada Guelph, Ontario AMS, FTM, BIO, ENV, NatSci
Simon Fraser University Canada Burnaby, British Columbia AMS, FTM, BIO, NatSci
University of Victoria Canada Victoria, British Columbia ART, AMS, FTM, BIO, CMP, ENV, MTH, NatSci
Western University Canada London, Ontario AMS, FTM, BIO, CMP, ENV, MTH, NatSci, NBS