To lead research, teaching, and community service To lead research, teaching, and community service

Why choose UCSC?

  1. The Biobío Region has been considered “the door to the South of Chile”.
  2. Concepción is the industrial, cultural and economic capital of Southern Chile.
  3. Concepción is also known for its intense artistic and cultural scenes, as well as easy access to all of the conveniences of a large city.


Quick Facts:

Location: Concepción, Chile

City Population: 292,589

University Population: 5,314

Climate: Temperate. The cool waters of the Pacific Ocean help to maintain mild temperatures throughout the year. Temperatures rarely exceed 30 °C or fall below 0 °C.

Nearest Airport: Aeropuerto Carriel Sur (flies to Santiago). Santiago International Airport is the closest International air link.



The University's mission is to lead research, teaching, and community service, in accordance with the ethical principles of Christian faith. Concepción is located in the geographic center of Chile, the second largest city. The city sits on the north bank of the Río Biobío. Hills surround the city to the south and east.

Chile is a very diverse country, home to the driest desert in the world in the North and ecological reserves, lakes and woods in the South. Chile also has warm beaches, snowy mountains and volcanoes, and glaciers and ice fields, and 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites.



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