stunning medieval city stunning medieval city

The city of Fribourg is a medieval jewel. The historic city centre with its gothic cathedral, its narrow laneways, old bridges, taverns and picturesque squares make it a particularly pleasant place to live. Because of its situation at the foothills of the Alps and at less than 20 kilometres from Lake Morat there is a huge range of recreational and sporting activities to enjoy. The University of Fribourg is not a campus university but it is spread over the town of Fribourg. It has nine faculties and counts 10,000 students.


Quick Facts:

Location: Fribourg, Switzerland
City Population: 36,633
University Population: 10,000
Climate: Fribourg has a Marine West Coast climate/Oceanic climate with mild differences between highs and lows and there is adequate rainfall year round.
Nearest airport: Bern Airport


Why choose the University of Fribourg?

  1. You won’t find a campus in Fribourg: the town itself is the campus! With 10,000 students among a total of 40,000 inhabitants, life in the town is shaped by the University
  2. The ideal size of the institution and the commitment of its teaching staff enable students to enjoy a personalised environment
  3. In comparison with other Swiss cities, the cost of living in Fribourg is relatively low