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Quick Facts

Location: Murcia, Spain

City Population: 442,573

University Population: 31,500

Climate: Murcia has a hot subtropical semi-arid climate. Given its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, it has mild winters and hot summers.

Nearest Airport: Murcia-San Javier Airport



Murcia is an ancient, Mediterranean city in southeastern Spain. Although its origins date back to the thirteenth century, the University of Murcia as we know it was founded in 1915, which make sin the tenth oldest university in Spain. The University of Murcia is one of the three universities located in the city. The majority of the University's facilities and buildings are spread over two campuses: the older is La Merced, situated in the town centre, and the larger is Espinardo, just 5km to the north of Murcia. It has five different campuses overall, 16 faculties and over 30,000 students.