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Located in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the southern tip of the Netherlands, Maastricht University is a highly accredited university which boasts an extremely international population (just under half the students and professors are international). The city of Maastricht is located 3 hours from London on the train. The curriculum is taught in English in each of its 22 faculties.


Quick Facts:

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands
City Population: 303,749
University Population: 15,916
Climate: Maastricht features the same oceanic climate as most of the Netherlands, however, due to its more inland location in between hills, summers tend to be warmer and winters a bit colder.
Nearest airport: Maastricht Aachen Airport


Why choose Maastricht University?

  1. Maastricht University is the youngest and most international university in the Netherlands
  2. UM is the only Dutch university in the Worldwide Universities Network (NUM)
  3. Maastricht city is well-regarded as an affluent cultural center