central Athens location central Athens location

Why choose AUEB?

  1. There are several academic, political, cultural and athletic groups active
  2. AUEB is the most popular University in the general areas of Economics and Business among Greek university candidates
  3. AUEB's alumni are among the leaders of industry, in almost all sectors of the Greek economy, but also internationally


Quick Facts:

Location: Athens

City Population: 3 million

University Population: 3000 students per year

Climate:  Athens has a subtropical Mediterranean climate

Nearest airport: Athens International Airport

Website: http://aueb.gr/


The Athens University of Economics and Business is one of the best universities in Greece for economics and business. It is the third-oldest higher educational institute and the oldest in the fields of economics and business in Greece.

AUEB is centrally located in downtown Athens. The main building of the university is located on Patision Street in Athens, two blocks away from the Archaeological Museum. This site was where the first football ground of Panathinaikos Football Club was located.

There are many courses offered in English, mainly (but not only) for international students who come to AUEB through Erasmus. A total of approximately 60 courses are offered in English, each one counting towards 6 ECTS credits.