LMU Munich LMU Munich

Quick Facts:
Location: Munich, Germany 
City Population: 1.5 million
University Population: 51,000 (as of 2016)
Climate: Being at the centre of Europe, Munich is subject to many climatic influences, so that weather conditions there are more variable than in other European cities, especially those further west and south of the Alps. Summer temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees centigrade, and winter can drop as low as -2 degrees centigrade on average.
Nearest airport: Munich Airport
Website: www.en.uni-muenchen.de
LMU is one of the oldest, continually high-achieving and finest German education institutions in the world. With more than 500 years worth of history, LMU can trace its roots to the 15th century and is a leading research institution with a strong commitment to teaching excellence. The vast student body of over 50,000 students representing more than 130 countries makes LMU Munich one of the largest universities in Germany.
The University, located in Munich, Bavaria, has long been known for its dedication to academic freedom and continues to encourage its staff and students to strive for independent thought and protest. LMU lies in the heart of the city within each reach of the Bavarian Alps and offers students urban flair combined with a rich palette of cultural attractions.
Being home to approximately 1.5 millions people, Munich is one of the world's most friendly and vibrant cities. A plethora of museums, galleries, theatres, art and music grace the streets and offer a warm welcome for students hoping to embed themselves in the Germanic culture.