Goethe University of Frankfurt Goethe University of Frankfurt

Quick Facts:

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

City Population: 732,688

University Population: 44,428

Climate: Frankfurt has a temperate climate, with monthly average temperatures ranging from 1.6 degrees centigrade in the winter to 20 degrees centigrade in the summer.

Nearest airport: Frankfurt Airport

Website: www.goethe-university-frankfurt.de


Goethe University of Frankfurt is among the top international research universities and offers a wide variety of academic programmes. Today, the university is one of few in Germany to recieve public funding alongside maintaining adminsitrative autonomy and the ability to create a private endowment.

It is a world-class research university with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, Goethe is particularly well regarded for its work in medicine and physics as well as highly applicable contributions to economics and business.

Situated in Germany's most cosmopolitan and international city, the university attracts a diverse body of students and researchers from around the world. Students at Goethe benefit from studying and living in Frankfurt with plenty of opportunities to learn and practice speaking German as well as living in one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world.

Despite being the famed financial hub of Europe, at its heart it is an unexpectedly traditional and charming city with half-timbered buildings, cosy apple wine taverns and village-like neighbourhoods filled with outdoor cafés and boutiques. In Frankfurt, there is something for everyone!