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Why choose Université de Rennes 1?

  1. The university is only 2 hours from the French capital, Paris.
  2. 13% of the student population is international.
  3. The vibrant city of Rennes offers a wide range of cultural activities throughout the year from sports and leisure to museums and galleries - there will be something for everyone.


Quick Facts:

Location: Rennes, France

City Population: 212,500

University Population: 26,000

Climate: Rennes has a fresh Oceanic climate with rainfall all year round and cool temperatures.

Nearest airport: Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport

Website: http://www.univ-rennes1.fr/


The University of Rennes 1 is one of the two universities in the city of Rennes, the capital of Brittany; the most north-western region of France. Science, Techonology, Engineeing, Law and Politics are among the many fields of study the university offers. The University of Rennes 1 also encourages a rich cultural life through the Diapason; its 'culture hub'.