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The University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour was founded in 1972. It is a multi-site establishment, based in Pau (département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques) but also in Bayonne, Tarbes and Mont-de-Marsan in the Adour river basin. The university was founded in a splendid formerly urban park. With nearly 9,000 students, the Pau campus is the largest of the 4.

Location: Spread over 4 campuses – Pau Campus, Basque Coast Site, Mont-de-Marsan site, Tarbes Campus
City Population: Pau – 84,978, Mont-de-Marsan – 31,225, Tarbes – 44,973
University Population: 11,284 (for all 4 campuses)
Climate: Pau features an oceanic climate with mild winters and hot but not very hot summers. Tarbes has an oceanic climate with relatively hot summers, mild winters and abundant rainfall
Nearest airport: The Pau-Pyrénées Airport (Pau Campus), The Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne airport (Basque Coast Site), Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport (Tarbes Campus)
Website: http://www.univ-pau.fr