large multidisciplinary research university large multidisciplinary research university

The University of Helsinki is a large multidisciplinary research university with an academic community of 40,000 students and staff. The campus also houses Faculties of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine and is known for its natural environment including a conservation area important for nesting and migratory birds.


Quick Facts

Location: Helsinki, Finland
City Population: 626,305
University Population: 36,500 students
Climate: Helsinki has a humid continental climate. Temperatures in winter are higher than the northern location might suggest.
Nearest airport: Helsinki Airport


Why choose the University of Helsinki?

  1. The University of Helsinki places heavy emphasis on high-quality teaching and research of a top international standard
  2. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2016, the University of Helsinki is ranked at 76th overall in the world
  3. The National Library of Finland is the foremost research library in Finland and the main branch of the University of Helsinki's library system