Swedish language university in Finland Swedish language university in Finland

Why choose Åbo Akademi University?

  1. It is considered one of the most international universities in Finland.
  2. The university is internationally recognised, particularly for its high standard of research.
  3. The university’s strength lies in its small size, allowing flexibility to test new teaching methods.


Quick Facts:

Location: Åbo/Turku, Vaasa and Jakobstad, Finland

City Population: 180,000

University Population: 8000

Climate: Humid continental climate. Experiences warm summers and relatively cold winters with frequent snowfall

Nearest airport: Turku Airport

Website: http://www.abo.fi


Åbo Akademi University is the only exclusively Swedish-language university in Finland. It is located in Turku. Åbo Akademi was founded by private donations in 1918. As the only uni-lingually Swedish multi-faculty university in the world outside Sweden and. consequently, the only one in Finland, Åbo Akademi University is responsible for providing higher education for a large proportion of the Swedish-speaking population.


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