Located in the old city Located in the old city

The University of Salzburg is both a very old and at the same time a very new and modern university. It was first founded in 1622 by the former arch-bishop of Salzburg Paris Lodron. Today the University of Salzburg consists of four faculties with nearly 2,800 employees and about 18,000 students. One remarkable aspect of the University of Salzburg is that its many different buildings are spread out all over the old part of the city of Salzburg, in the green areas of Nonntal and Freisaal and even on the Mönchsberg.


Quick Facts:

Location: Salzburg, Austria
City Population: 150,000
University Population: 18,000
Climate: Continental climate but because of its proximity to the mountains the city also experiences an Alpine influenced climate.
Nearest airport: Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart
Website: http://www.uni-salzburg.at


Why Salzburg?

  1. Several departments are located in the historic city center
  2. Salzburg, because of its beautiful scenery, many historical sites and the Festival, is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world
  3. Salzburg is a university town with a long tradition (since 1622)