A leader of higher education in Korea A leader of higher education in Korea

Seoul National University is a national research university located in Seoul, South Korea.
It has two campuses in Seoul: the main campus in Gwanak and the medical campus in Jongno. Since its foundation in 1946, Seoul National University has been a leader of higher education in Korea and has established a global reputation.

SNU offers a wealth of invaluable academic and cultural resources. Public lectures and forums are daily events and visits from renowned international speakers are common. It also has two nationally acclaimed museums, both of which add to the cultural vibrancy of the campus. Facilities like a medical centre, a counselling service and recreational and sporting centres add to the convenience and quality of life on campus.

Today, Seoul is considered a leading and rapidly rising global city, resulting from an economic boom and growth known as the Miracle on the Han River. It is one of the world's most liveable major cities, with the United Nations rating Seoul's quality of life higher than New York City, London or Melbourne in 2012.

Quick Facts:

Location: Gwanak, Seoul, South Korea
City Population: 10,000,000
University Population: 28,000
Climate: Summers are generally hot and humid, with the East Asian monsoon taking place from June until July. Winters are often relatively cold.
Nearest Airport: Incheon International Airport

University website: http://www.useoul.edu/