One of the four leading private universities in western Japan One of the four leading private universities in western Japan

Ritsumeikan University, abbreviated to Rits, is a private university in Kyoto, Japan. Historically the school was seen as a liberal alternative to the state-run Kyoto University.

Today the university is one of the four leading private universities in western Japan. It offers a wide range of courses in advanced studies at its Kinugasa Campus in Kyoto and Biwako-Kusatsu Campus in Shiga.

There are hundreds of interesting places to visit in Kyoto, those easiest to access from campus include Kinkakuji - (The Golden Pavilion), one of the most popular sites in Kyoto; Ryoanji - a UNESCO world heritage site built in 1450, home to one of Japan's most famous rock gardens; Nijo Castle, built in 1601 and used as a residence for Tokugawa Shoguns; and Ishiyama Temple, the grounds of which are most impressive in the fall season when they become saturated with leaves of all shades of red, orange and yellow.

Ritsumeikan campus life can be pretty exciting. Highlights include the entrance ceremony held at Osaka Stadium, numerous international parties and various sporting events throughout the year. Another highlight is the multi-cultural student body which allows students to develop friendships with people from all around the globe.

Quick Facts:

Location: Kyoto, Japan
City Population: 1,473,746
University Population: 35,495
Climate: Humid Subtropical climate - hot, humid summers and cold and occasionally snowy winters
Nearest Airport: Kansai International Airport

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Why choose Rits?

  1. Ritsumeikan University is considered to be one of Japan's top universities
  2. Ritsumeikan University Panthers is a very strong collegiate football team in Japan
  3. Has an educational philosophy of “peace and democracy”

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