Commitment to sustainability and the evolution of knowledge Commitment to sustainability and the evolution of knowledge

Okayama University, an official educational institution of knowledge, is committed to the middle-term goal "Building up a new paradigm for the sustainable evolution of human society" in order to provide substance to our society's commitment to knowledge.

Okayama University is one of the largest universities in Japan. Its main campus, Tsushima, is located in the suburbs, blessed with a quiet natural environment far removed from the noise of the city, offering an excellent atmosphere for study and research.

Okayama Prefecture is known for its educational history and its cultural achievements. Special efforts beginning before the Meiji Period (19th century) were made to establish a number of schools which lead to the present-day Okayama University. Today Okayama University has eleven faculties and seven graduate schools. Okayama University enjoys the reputation of being the leading university in the Chugoku-Shikoku region.

There are more than 120 different clubs in the areas of culture and sports. These clubs are an invaluable aspect of student life, providing an opportunity to learn autonomy and responsibility and also to meet friends who have similar interests.

Quick Facts:

Location: Okayama, Japan
City Population: 705,224
University Population: 14,000
Climate: Okayama has a mild climate compared to the rest of Japan and is often called ‘The Sunny Country' because of its low rainfall.
Nearest Airport: Okayama Airport

University website:

Why choose Okayama?

  1. A top-class national university with over 140 years of history
  2. Okayama University ranks among the Top 13 Global Universities in Japan
  3. Compared to other parts of Japan, the living costs are extremely reasonable in Okayama