Located in the heart of Tokyo Located in the heart of Tokyo

Meiji University is one of the leading universities in Japan and was founded in January 1881 as the Meiji Law School by a group of young lawyers. It was an era characterized by Japan's urgent need to develop as a modern independent nation. The three founded the Meiji Law School in their fervent hope to "foster bright capable youths who would lead a modern civil society in Japan".
With the largest number of applicants among all of Japan's universities and colleges for the past three years, it is also one of Japan's most highly esteemed. It comprises nine (10 from April, 2013) undergraduate schools, 11 graduate schools and four professional graduate schools, and aims to make significant contributions to the world.
Surugadai Campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, an exciting city, which charms people from all over the world, and is surrounded by historic and impressive sites such as ancient shrines, museums, and Akihabara, which is famous as the Mecca of subcultures.
Quick Facts: 
Location: Chiyoda, Suginami, Kawasaki, Tokyo
City Population: 13,185,502
Climate: Humid Subtropical climate - hot humid summers and generally mild winters, with cool spells
Nearest Airport: Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
Why choose Meiji?
  1. One of the largest and most prestigious Japanese universities in Tokyo
  2. One of the Japanese Ministry of Education’s thirteen "Global 30" Project universities
  3. Meiji is a popular university in Japan