Lots of opportunities for students to expand their horizons Lots of opportunities for students to expand their horizons

Meiji Gakuin University is a Christian university in Tokyo and Yokohama that was established in 1863.
Meiji Gakuin University offers many opportunities for students to expand their horizons, such as circles and club activities, volunteer activities, and international exchanges. The university has also developed many academic assistance facilities and other various support systems to help those enrolled lead a fulfilling student life. The way students spend their time in college affects how they choose and develop career paths that fit them.
At Meiji Gakuin University, there are many student groups called "clubs" or "circles". Approximately 130 groups are currently officially recognized by the university. Among the varsity sports clubs are a lacrosse club, some members of which have gone on to play on the national team, and a baseball club that belongs to the Second Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area University Baseball League.
Among the humanities-related clubs is the mixed chorus circle "Greenleaves" and the "English Speaking Society (ESS)" whose members boast advanced English conversation skills. There are also committees in charge of planning university festivals and events, including the "Shirokane Festival Executive Committee," "Totsuka Festival Preparation Committee," and "Freshmen Orientation Executive Council."
Quick Facts: 
Location: Tokyo
City Population: 13,185,502
University Population: 12,000
Climate: Humid Subtropical climate - hot humid summers and generally mild winters, with cool spells
Nearest Airport: Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
Why choose MGU?
  1. Meiji Gakuin University upholds its founder Dr. James Hepburn’s lifelong creed of “Do for Others” as its educational philosophy
  2. The University emphasizes a variety of activities in addition to the regular curricula offered by each of its departments
  3. Has the first university volunteer centre to be established in Japan
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