All courses offered in English All courses offered in English

Akita International University, or AIU, is a public university located in Akita City, Japan.
Established in 2004 and modelled on American liberal arts colleges, AIU is one of the few universities in Japan offering all of its courses in English.  

Courses taught in English

The undergraduate programme at Akita International University is unique in Japan. All courses are taught in English, with the exception of foreign language classes.
The campus is located in Akita city, the capital of Akita prefecture. The campus is located in a rural environment but is accessible from downtown Akita city via bus and train and is less than 10 minutes by car from Akita Airport. Adjacent to the university is a local government run sports facility, and a variety of hiking cycling and golf courses are also close at hand. A shopping mall is 10 minutes away from the campus by bus.

International student exchange and non-degree students

AIU claims to provide a genuine cross-cultural environment for all of its students. Exchange and non degree-seeking international students are guaranteed housing in either the Komachi Dormitory, the Global Village Apartments or the newly constructed Sakura Village Apartments. International students usually share a room with a Japanese student.

Student life at Akita International University (AIU)

AIU offers a wide range of clubs which are open to all students. These include sport, dance, photography, choir, ecology and environment, culture, languages, debate, tea ceremony, boxing, and many more. AIU offers its international students extra-curricular activities designed to improve their understanding of Japanese culture and people. This includes field trips to destinations such as a sake brewery, museum, festivals, hot springs, and various cultural and sightseeing landmarks

Quick facts about Akita International University (AIU)

Location: Akita, Japan
City Population: 323,310
University Population: 841
Climate: Humid subtropical - cold, very snowy winters and very warm humid summers.
Nearest Airport: Akita Airport
University Website:
Inbound Study Abroad website:
Why choose AIU?
  1. Available student activities include 48 student clubs and circles, community outreach, and local immersion activities
  2. 100% on-campus housing for Japanese and international students, bringing students from various backgrounds into direct contact
  3. An ideal-sized city to provide the opportunity to get immersed in the friendly, local culture while also offering convenient access to international goods and services