Study Abroad Ambassadors Study Abroad Ambassadors

Our team of Study Abroad Ambassadors are a valuable part of helping prepare the next group of students for their study abroad journey, sharing experiences in formal and informal workshops and talks about what to expect, settling in, culture shock and so much more.

Outbound Ambassadors 2019/20 Outbound Ambassadors 2019/20

Meet our team of ambassadors currently studying abroad. They are here to tell you all about their experiences from all across the world. 

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Alfie Alfie

International Development with Social Anthropology with a Year Abroad
International University (ICU) - Tokyo, Japan 

Hi, I'm Alfie, I love a challenge and experiencing new things and studying abroad is a great opportunity to do this. I am very fun and excitable and the fact I can exert myself on a whole new country is a great thing. From studying abroad, I hope to find out how big the world really is and learn about new cultures. Ultimately, I want to see how far out my comfort zone I can go and experience things which I cannot in the UK.  

I wish to help by providing advice and clarity on your queries and questions and hopefully make you feel relaxed in what can seem as a daunting task and experience. I seek to demonstrate how fun my journey will be. 


Koshesai Koshesai

International Development with Economics  with a Year Abroad

1st Semester at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana  

2nd Semester at George Mason University in Virginia, USA 

Hello! My name is Koshesai and I love to travel! I guess you could say that this is part of the reason why I have decided to do not only a study year abroad, but specifically a split year. Why go and study in one country when you can explore two? I hope to gain more of an understanding of what education looks like in different regions of the world, to be able to evaluate whether they are as different as we really think they are. I want to help others by sharing my journey to show that even if you’re late to the party (I decided to opt into a Study Year Abroad in January of 2nd Year) better late than never, all you need to know is that the opportunity is open to you and honest advice on how to make it worthwhile.  


Vikki Vikki

International Development with Anthropology with a Year Abroad
Monash University, Australia
Hey! I’m Vikki, and I love a bit of an adventure! I’ve only been outside of Europe once, on a volunteering trip in Bali, which enhanced my life significantly – the things I have learned and experienced have shaped me into a much more mature and happier person. Travelling is one of the best things you can do for yourself, most importantly it helps you: learn, reflect and grow. And that is why I chose to Study Abroad, to immerse myself in a new environment and culture, and face challenges that I wouldn’t otherwise in Britain. I want to encourage students to do the same, to take that step outside of their comfort zone, and experience our diverse world. 


Solange Solange

Law with European Legal Systems
Leiden University, Netherlands

My name is Solange and I’ll be spending my third year at Leiden University, the Netherlands. 

I chose to go on a year abroad to explore a new range of legal courses and to increase my employability, as well as broaden my horizons. 

I’m really excited to share this journey with you and capture the highs and the lows. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m excited! 

Brooke Brooke

American and English Literature
High Point University, North Carolina, USA
Hi, I’m Brooke! Exploring the world and experiencing different cultures has always interested me, and so I knew before I picked my degree course that I wanted to find something that would allow me to do just that! I also have a keen interest in American literature, and so the opportunity to study it in an American environment was one that I couldn’t pass up. I hope to gain a more concrete understanding of what defines American culture, as well as meeting new people and exploring new places along the way! I think it’s important to hear from your peers and people who have been in your shoes, especially before embarking on such a big journey as this. I would therefore love to be able to help prospective study abroad students by offering honest stories and reassurance to help prepare for such a wonderful- if not daunting- experience! 


Maddy Maddy

Geography and International Development with a Year Abroad
University of Hong Kong
I chose to study abroad because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fully immerse myself in a different culture, to travel and explore, and to widen my studies. I hope to gain greater confidence in my independence, a closer connection to myself and my goals, and to fully integrate into my new community. I want to help students considering a year abroad to take that leap and commit, to embrace change rather than fear it.  


Kaitlin Kaitlin

Natural Sciences with a Year Abroad
University of British Columbia (Okanagan), Canada
Hi, I’m Kaitlin and I’m so excited to spend a year exploring Canada and America whilst sharing my adventure with you. I can’t wait to learn about culture and university life in Canada and hope I can show that whilst the idea of a year abroad can be daunting it truly is the opportunity of the lifetime and one you won’t regret. 


Rebekah Rebekah

Chemistry with a Year Abroad 
University of Sydney, Australia
Hello! My name is Becky and I’m studying Chemistry. When I’m not in the lab, I like to play rugby and run and hang out with my dogs. I chose to study abroad as it is a great opportunity to travel and to meet new people whilst still completing my degree. When I am in Sydney, I hope to gain more independence and to become more confident. I also hope to prove to myself that I can do it, as there have been many times when I’ve thought “Why am I doing this?”. I want to help other students as I am a serial worrier and I know that a lot of people will have the worries that I have had, and I will have the advantage of having experienced things such as organising flights and accommodation and visas which people often ask about.


Jasmine Jasmine

Geography and International Development  with a Year Abroad

University of New Mexico, USA

Hello! My name is Jasmine, and without sounding too cliché, I love to travel! My avid curiosity for the world around me, the opportunity to meet new people and immerse myself in different cultures and customs, were all key reasons for why I wanted to do a year abroad. Future employability is another reason. I think that nowadays a degree is not enough in the ever increasing competitivity of the working world. However, graduates who have studied abroad recognisably stand out to potential employers, who highly value people who can adapt to a range of environments and embrace new challenges. Moreover, I hope to discover new perspectives on a variety of issues and topics from the broader experience of an entirely different education system. Through sharing my study abroad experience, I would like to encourage others to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and to dispel any fears or anxieties people may have.


Cindy Cindy

Economics with a Year Abroad  
Kyoto University, Japan
Hi, my name is Cindy! My main motivation to study abroad is… it’s either now or never! I want to grasp onto this once in a lifetime opportunity by immersing myself in a different academic environment and cultural setting. I didn’t want to miss out on this incredible chance to travel across the world and learn from a whole new perspective. The process can be daunting but, by sharing my personal experiences, I hope future prospective students can feel inspired, reassured and prepared for their own journey! 


Katherine Katherine

Psychology with a Year Abroad
Carleton University, Canada 
Hi! My name is Kat and I will be spending my third year studying abroad in Canada. There is a big world out there to discover and a year abroad seems like a good way to start. I knew from the moment I decided to go to university that I wanted to go on a year abroad, because why would I miss this kind of opportunity? I know this journey will be full of the unexpected, but I embrace and welcome it! I’m hoping to gain new perspectives and fall in love with this world a little bit more. By sharing my experiences, including the good and the bad, I hope to inspire and excite you about your journey. 


Olivia Olivia

American and English Literature 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 
Hey, my name is Liv and I’m a literature student who will be spending my third year in America! My main reason for studying abroad is a desire to experience different cultures on a level that goes beyond just a quick visit. Living in a completely new country is an idea that excites me, and will give me the opportunity to push my boundaries. From doing this I hope to further grow my sense of independence and prove myself as a somewhat competent human. I’m also eager to experience new styles of teaching that I hope will allow me to see my subject in new ways. Preparing and undertaking a year abroad is a scary thing and I hope to make the transition a little smoother for others taking on this journey by sharing my own experiences.