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When should I arrive?

Please check the arrivals & orientation days, and semester start dates. We encourage all Study Abroad students to attend the arrivals & orientation days if possible.

What is a SITS number?

A SITS number (also known as a Student Registration Number or Student ID Number) is a nine-digit unique number. This number will be needed to apply for campus accommodation and will also appear on your campus card.

How will I receive a transcript?

Academic transcripts are issued by the Study Abroad Office to all Study Abroad incoming students two to three months after returning home. The transcripts are issued electronically. If you require a hard-copy transcript then please request this directly with the Study Abroad Office and reconfirm the delivery address in full. A copy of your transcript will also be sent to our university partners.

How can I pay my bills?

If fees for tuition or accommodation are payable by the student, an electronic invoice will be received in your personal online portal. Further information is available on the Finance Office pages.

Do I need Medical Insurance?

Please see here for more information.

What will my postal address be at the University?

Mail cannot be delivered to campus residences so it is usually best to have letters and parcels delivered to your School address. For example:

Jane Smith, Visiting Student
School of American Studies
University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
United Kingdom

Here is a list of all the locations of all school pigeon holes.

Mail addressed to residences is delivered to the University Post Room in the Arts Building and may be collected there.

Why are only some UEA modules included in the Study Abroad modules list?

Some modules are deemed not relevant/accessible for Study Abroad students by the schools of study at UEA (i.e. some modules require completion of pre-requisite UEA modules at lower levels).

Are there any scholarships for returning UEA exchange / visiting students?

Yes, Alumni of UEA Study Abroad (summer, semester and year-long) programmes from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) are encouraged to apply for one of our £1,000.00 scholarships for further degree study at UEA!  Details and application form can be found online.

Any other questions?

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