For mobility to and from UEA, students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own travel and medical insurance to cover them for their mobility period, whether studying at UEA or at another University or Enterprise.

UEA does not provide automatic personal insurance cover for individual students, either whilst studying at UEA or abroad.

Medical Insurance

European Students

Students from countries within the EEA will be eligible to apply for the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This must be applied for from the students home country, prior to the start of their placement. The EHIC entitles the holder to treatment in the country's hospitals should they need any emergency treatment. Please note that the EHIC will not cover all medical expenses or repeat treatments for known conditions. Also, in some cases, the holder may be expected to pay for treatments up front, and then claim the charges back. It is therefore recommended that students purchase a relevant insurance package suitable to cover them for pre-existing and emergency medical conditions for the full period of their placement.

Please note; some travel insurance policies will not recognise a study/work placement as eligible under their terms and conditions. Therefore, please  discuss the full purpose of your travel with your insurance provider to ensure that your full placement will be eligible for cover under your chosen policy.

Non-European Students

It is recommended that you purchase full medical insurance for the entire duration of your placement.

Personal Insurance

Students are recommended to ensure they are covered within any insurance policy for their personal possessions. This may require an additional policy if not fully covered within any existing cover purchased.

Public Liability Insurance

The University does hold Public Liability insurance, which can cover 3rd party claims, where the University has been deemed liable.

For general information on the insurance suitable for students, please contact the UEA Students Union Advice Centre on