The Erasmus+ Programme aims to promote equality and inclusion on mobility by opening access to individuals whom participation on transnational activities would not be possible without significant additional support.

For example, for reasons such as disability (i.e. participants with special needs): people with mental (intellectual, cognitive, learning), physical, sensory or other disabilities where their participation on a mobility placement would not be possible without extra financial support.

The Erasmus+ Funds for Students and Staff with disabilities grant is an extra fund designed to support students and staff with additional needs who have been selected on to the Erasmus+ programme.

Support linked to your Erasmus+ mobility that you could be eligible for include but are not limited to:

  • Mental health mentoring via Skype

  • Note takers

  • Flights for treatment that cannot be taken overseas

  • Medical attendance

  • Adaption of learning materials

  • Additional costs for adapted rooms

  • Adapted accommodation

  • Travel assistance

  • Supportive equipment

  • An accompanying person

Approved Erasmus students and staff coming to UEA 

Requests for additional funding support must be submitted via your 'home' institution. Please contact the relevant Erasmus contact person at your home institution for further details.

UEA students and staff

Requests for additional funding from UEA students and staff, must be submitted via the UK Erasmus National Agency Application Form. This form has already been pre-populated with the necessary UEA information. Please note: If you are currently in receipt of DSA funding, this may be stopped whilst on placement. It is therefore important to apply for the Erasmus additional support funding and include the level of support already received through DSA.

Applications must be completed by the applicant and passed to UEA Study Abroad, along with the required supporting evidence, in good time prior to the commencement of the mobility (at least 30 days prior). The form will be checked and signed off by UEA - confirming that you are an Erasmus participant - and then submitted to the UK Erasmus National Agency for assessment.

Please note: UEA has no part in the assessment of applications for additional funding. All decisions are made by the UK Erasmus National Agency based upon an applicants requirements, the supporting evidence provided and the costs requested. Only funding costs which occur during the mobility period will be considered. Any request for funding that falls outside the agreed mobility period must be justified via Section 4 of the application form.

Process and review of application

The UK Erasmus National Agency will confirm receipt of an Erasmus Additional Support application, and will review the application and supporting documentation. This process is handled with extreme sensitivity and if necessary, additional information may be requested.

At the request of the UK Erasmus National Agency, any requests for additional information, will be sent to UEA Study Abroad, who in turn will contact the applicant. All correspondence between the applicant and the UK Erasmus National Agency must be directed to UEA Study Abroad.

With all required information in hand, the UK Erasmus National Agency will normally make the decision within 5-10 working days.

Application decision

If an application request is approved, UEA Study Abroad will receive notification of the relevant award. This comes in the form of a new contract in which the UEA Legal Entity must sign on behalf of the student or staff member.

Only once this contract has been signed and returned to the UK Erasmus National Agency will the funds be released to UEA, and then in turn, to the participant.

Please note: Due to the potential sensitive information supplied within the applications for additional support, only key personnel are involved in the handling of the application both at UEA and the UK Erasmus National Agency. Therefore, delays may occur in the process due to staff absences. This may mean that the final decision for funding, and/or the release of funds, potentially could happen after the commencement of the placement.

Evidence of all actual costs incurred related to the additional needs application must be kept. This should include any relevant receipts or invoices.

If unforseen additional expenses occur whilst on placement, evidence of this cost and justification for its need should be sent to UEA Study Abroad, at the earliest opportunity. UEA Study Abroad will seek guidance from the UK Erasmus National Agency as to whether additional funding could be made available. Please note additional funding should not be expected, and may only be granted in exceptional cases. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all potential costs are requested during the initial application stage.

Where additional funds may be available, a new application must be completed with details of the unforeseen costs and supporting documentation, and the application process as listed above will take place.

Within 30 days of the placement conclusion, a full financial report must be submitted to UEA Study Abroad by the participant, with all associated evidence of costs incurred (i.e. receipts and invoices). Please ensure to read the guidance notes provided on the form.

UEA Study Abroad will forward the report and all submitted evidence to the UK Erasmus National Agency for review.

Please note, all expenses are checked closely and investigated by the UK Erasmus National Agency, and any costs deemed ineligible will be rejected.

Right to appeal

If an expense has been rejected, the participant can provide additional information as to why the expense occurred. This may be an email confirming why a needed medical appointment was held out of normal working hours, or why transportation costs were required or were outside normal study hours etc. Therefore, please ensure all such relevant information is kept.

Repayment of unspent funds

Once the Financial Report is finalised and agreed to by all parties, any unspent funding must be returned to the UK Erasmus National Agency via UEA Study Abroad. 

If all funds have however been spent and deemed eligible, no further action is needed with regards to the Additional Support Grant. Please note, further action may still be required relating to any general Erasmus grant you may have received, so please do follow the separate guidance given relating to the Erasmus grant.