UEA Facilities UEA Facilities

Need help with your career choice? Need IT support? Want to get fit?

UEA has a range of facilities on campus to help you out when you need it.


With several different catering facilities on our campus, there’s plenty of choice to go for food and drink!

Career Service

Need a general chat about your career choice or the options that you have? Then head to our career service which offers a dedicated postgraduate careers advisor to provide information and support during your study. They run regular workshops and sessions which you can attend to help you make the right choice with your future or explore your options further .


Need someone to talk to? Our University Counselling Team are here to give you advice and offer support when you need it. Confidential, this service aims to help you achieve whilst at UEA.

Similarly, advice|su| also offers free advice for our postgraduate students which will remain confidential. The advice covers a range of issues from wellbeing, to housing and extenuating circumstances. You can make an appointment by visiting the advice|su website for postgraduate students.

Disabled Facilities

UEA is committed to making sure our campus is as accessible as possible for students with a disability. For information on accessibility you can go to our campus map which shows this information when you click on the accessibility tab.

IT and Computing

UEA’s IT services is based in our 24hour library on campus. This service can support you with your IT needs such as helping you set-up Wi-Fi, difficulties with Wi-Fi, and issues with logging in. You can also use the printers, scanners and work areas that are provided to assist you with your studies. There are also workstations which have been designed to be suitable for those with visual impairments and mobility issues. 

As well as UEA's library, there are many other spaces for you to study, such as in the IT and Computing Service (ITCS) building. 


UEA’s library is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whether you want to borrow a book, find a place to work, or find a study group area, the library is a fantastic facility for all your study needs. There are also dedicated postgraduate study rooms for you to work in.

UEA Dental Practice

Our on-campus dental practice provides NHS treatment for when you need to visit the dentist as well as also providing this service to your immediate family.

UEA Medical Centre

UEA’s Medical Centre offers a wide range of appointments for your health requirements once you’ve registered. This service also extends to your immediate family.

UEA Sportspark

UEA’s fantastic Sportspark offers a range of sports to get you fit and healthy whilst you study. Whatever activity you enjoy, there is something for everyone, from swimming to athletics. Check out the memberships available. 

UEA Music Centre

The Music Centre at UEA opens its doors to everyone, no matter what degree you hold. Lots of experience or none? Come along to the music centre on campus to become part of a fantastic community of musicians.

Multifaith Centre

The Multifaith Centre on campus is the ideal place for students to go to worship, quietly reflect and be provided with the chance to interact with other students whatever your faith if any. There is a large Common Room, Quiet Room and large Meeting room which are used for different activities.

UEA Nursery

A great facility for those with children whilst studying, students are able to take children from 6 weeks old to school age during the day whilst you study.

UEA Student Union 

UEA's Student Union runs a variety of places on campus as well the Waterfront venue off campus. Check out the Scholars Bar, the shopSU and the many different eating and drinking places on campus!

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