Department of Health Postgraduate Bursary Department of Health Postgraduate Bursary

Students undertaking Social Work programmes may be eligible to receive a Department of Health Postgraduate Bursary administered by the NHS Business Services Authority.

Eligibility: The Postgraduate Bursary is available to students ordinarily resident in England studying on an approved full-time postgraduate course.

Value: The Bursary consists of a non-income-assessed basic grant that varies in value, a contribution towards expenses related to practice learning opportunities (placements), and payment of tuition fees. It also includes an income-assessed maintenance grant that varies in value and income-assessed allowances of various values to assist with certain costs of living, as recipients of the postgraduate bursary ordinarily will not be entitled to LA funding. NB: Financial awards are dependent on individual circumstances.

How to Apply: Applications will need to be made via the Universities Colleges and Admissions Services (UCAS), using the UCAS Apply option. For operational reasons, the MA Social Work course requires applicants to apply via the UCAS Undergraduate Apply route. 

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