Title Primary Supervisor Application Deadline Funding Type Subject Area
Social Science studentships available via the SeNSS Doctoral Training Partnership - School of Health Sciences Prof. Gillian Schofield 16 Jan 2017 Funded Studentship
Colostomy Irrigation: Harmful or Helpful? (Thorpe_U16SF) Dr Gabrielle Thorpe 30 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Investigation of Neuroplasticity and Recovery after Stroke using Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (Kennedy_U16SF) Dr Niamh Kennedy 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Developing an observation based measure to understand the interpersonal communicative patterns that support care provision between the person with dementia and their informal carers (Kamble_U16SF) Dr Meghana Kamble 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Understanding the interaction between psychiatric morbidity and psychotropic medication use on cognitive decline (Savva_U16SF) Dr George Savva 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
The role of self-stigma in developmental stuttering: a cross-cultural perspective (McAllister_U16SF1) Dr Jan McAllister 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties in children with developmental speech and language difficulties (McAllister_U16SF2) Dr Jan McAllister 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
How brief can brief interventions to promote physical activity be? The impact of intervention duration and frequency on effectiveness. (Hardeman_U16SF) Prof Wendy Hardeman 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Neuro-biomechanics of motor recovery after stroke in response to rehabilitation – (Pomeroy_U16SF) Prof Valerie Pomeroy 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
• PGR Opportunities in Health Sciences for self-funding and international students Jan McAllister, School Director of Postgraduate Research 01 Jan 2020 PGR Opportunity