Title Primary Supervisor Application Deadline Funding Type Subject Area
Niche adaptation of microbes critical for the global nitrogen cycle (LEHTORVIRTA_U17VC) Dr Laura Lehtovirta-Morley 25 May 2017 Funded Studentship
Dietary fibre: Understanding the molecular and biochemical characteristics that underpin its health benefits. (WILDE_F17CASEC) Professor Pete Wilde 08 May 2017 Funded Studentship
Exploring the structure of carbohydrate hydrogels in the human digestive tract using advanced NMR methodologies (WARREN_F17IFRQI) Dr Fred Warren 08 May 2017 Funded Studentship
Fighting the Superbugs – Using novel tools to understand how bacteria control expression of antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation (WEBBER_F17IFRQI) Dr Mark Webber 08 May 2017 Funded Studentship
Characterisation and function of perivascular nerves of coronary arteries (FOUNTAIN_U17SF) Dr Samuel Fountain 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
The role of the microRNA-29 family in osteoarthritis (CLARKI_U17ARUK) Prof Ian Clark 14 May 2017 Funded Studentship
PhD opportunities in Biological Sciences for self-funding and international students Dr Gabriella Kelemen (PGR Director) 01 Jan 2020 PGR Opportunity