Great British Heroes Summer Programme Great British Heroes Summer Programme

Our department of Film, Television and Media Studies offers this exciting programme covering a wide range of exciting topics, blending the analysis of British Heroes of film, television and culture with opportunities to meet and learn from industry experts and get involved in production, using specialist equipment.

A two-week summer programme includes workshops on:

  • National identity, heritage and ideology, with an academic fieldtrip to Hollywood film location Holkham Hall, one of Norfolk's grand stately homes.
  • James Bond: a man's world: with a critical analysis following a screening of one of the famed movies based upon the novel's by the English author Ian Fleming.
  • British celebrity, culture and femininity, and its influence on world film and television.
  • British televisions comedy: exploring popular heroes of British comedy Mr Bean and Monty Python.
  • National sporting heroes: focussing on famed Brits including David Beckham.

The department of Film, Television and Media Studies was one of the first British university departments to develop the study of television and film. In the most recent quality assessments by the Higher Education Funding Council, the teaching level was adjudged excellent (with a score of 23 out of a possible 24) and research in the sector achieved a top rating of 5*. Publishing extensively, the School is at the forefront of the field, making it an ideal environment in which to learn about film and television from leading scholars in the field. For more information please visit the School website.

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