Explore psychology in a research-intensive atmosphere Explore psychology in a research-intensive atmosphere

Academic Lead - Dr Debra Griffiths

Ever wanted to understand more about how the human brain works and why we make the decisions we do? This module will allow students to work alongside leading psychologists to design and conduct a research project, beginning with research questions and working through to data collection and analyses. Students will have access to state of the art bespoke laboratory facilities, including eye tracking, electrophysiology, and a virtual reality suite.

Students will be exposed to multiple experimental methodologies, developing skills applicable to quantitative and qualitative research, including motivation, initiative, defining the problem, designing the research, analysing the data, and reviewing after critique to produce a report. They will also get the chance to learn about a variety of research methods and different techniques which will allow them to examine fields such as language, memory, attention and action.

This module is seminar and lab based, providing students with a hands-on learning experience. There will be the chance to explore experimental design by looking at what makes a good design, identifying experimental problems, and ensuring that experiments adhere to ethical standards. At the end of the course, students will produce a conference-style poster to present their experiment designs and results.

A supplement applies for this module. See our fees page.

By the end of the module students will be able to:

  • Understand and describe research methods. 
  • Understand experimental questions, and be able to design and choose the appropriate method to answer those questions. 
  • Describe examples of research that use eye-tracking, motion tracking, EEG, etc. 
  • Present results in a clear and understandable manner. 
  • Understand the ethical considerations in conducting experiments.

Field Trip

Details of field trips will be confirmed shortly.


There are no requirements for this course, but students should come with a willingness to participate. This module would suit those currently studying or looking to progress into a career in psychology.

School Profile

We are the first new school of Psychology in a research-intensive UK university for many years, but with an already-thriving British Psychological Society accredited degree programme that is consistently rated most highly by our students. Our teaching is research-led, with internationally-renowned researchers sharing the excitement of new discoveries in psychological science that impact upon how we understand each other and the world in which we live. In the 2013 National Student Survey 93% of our students were satisfied with the teaching they received, with 91% being satisfied overall. For more information, please visit the School of Psychology webpages.

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