Explore the meanings of culture in a globalised society Explore the meanings of culture in a globalised society

Academic Lead: Dr Lorella Viola

This module examines how globalisation is embedded in cultural contexts. Students will explore the wide-ranging terminology relevant to the theoretical debates with a focus on both global social issues and personal experience. They will examine and critically discuss the questions of language and power, gender discrimination in the workplace, cultural awareness, and how these notions inform organisations and practitioners, how culture informs the way they operate and the repercussions of outcomes. The module offers a balance between theory and practice where sessions will also include work-group activities that explore application of theories to real life contexts and real world problems. At the end of the module, students will be more effective intercultural mediators, able to deal with social issues in international and multicultural settings and equipped with a much greater understanding of all the contested meanings of culture.

By the end of this module students will:

  • Have examined topics relating to intercultural communication in detail, drawing on a broad range of material
  • Have addressed a contemporary global issue and proposed a relevant and informed action plan
  • Have demonstrated knowledge and critical understanding of the development of intercultural communicative competences in real-life situations
  • Have formulated solutions to real global challenges and convincingly argued them 
  • Have employed effective, persuasive, sustained and articulate arguments to demonstrate understanding
  • Have critically analysed topics and assessment work using theory to good effect
  • Have organised, structured and presented ideas and work in a clear, logical and coherent manner
  • Have employed discipline-specific terminology and language

Field Trips

  • Oxfam Charity Fighting Inequality - London branch
  • FoodCycle Reducing Food Poverty and Isolation – Norwich branch
  • Emmaus Working to End Homelessness – Norwich branch


Students should have a keen interest in cultural studies and social issues. No specific knowledge or experience is required. 


"I cannot recommend studying at the University of East Anglia enough; it was a life changing experience. You get to meet the most brilliant, kind and funny people, from all around the world. Everyone is very inclusive and the social activities were a fantastic way to meet new people, you can never be home sick in Norwich!" Georgia, Australia 2012

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