Develop an understanding of recent medical breakthroughs Develop an understanding of recent medical breakthroughs

Academic Lead - Dr Laura Bowater

It will often be decades from a medical discovery to the use of an effective treatment, but the future of medicine is now. Recent breakthroughs in medical science, coupled with the effect of global changes impacting upon healthcare, make this subject an exciting, dynamic field to research.

The module is designed to help students develop an understanding of some of the recent breakthroughs that have taken place in medical science as well as the effect of global changes that impact on healthcare. This module has been designed to provide additional support to students who are wishing to progress into a career in health and medicine upon graduation.

Through Problem Based Learning (PBL), seminar sessions, student selected studies with presentations and relevant field trips, students will be encouraged to develop an increased scientific knowledge in specific areas related to medicine. In addition, students will explore and engage in the critical approach in supporting a reasoned argument, will engage in discussions and debates on a range of topics such as stem cells, globalised healthcare and pharmacogenomics. Finally, ethical implications of these future developments will be explored.


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By the end of the module students will have learnt:

  • The scientific details underpinning future medicine such as stem cells and pharmacogenomics. 
  • Complete in-depth literature reviews within specified scientific areas. 
  • The global implications of healthcare developments associated with future medicine. 
  • The ethical implications and the ethical debates surrounding recent scientific breakthroughs.

Field Trips

Details of field trips will be confirmed shortly.


There are no specific entry requirements for this module but an expectation to participate.

School Profile

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