Experiment and develop your understanding of creative writing Experiment and develop your understanding of creative writing

Academic lead: Kate Moorhead-Kuhn

Accreditation: 20 UCU/10 ECTS

Academic level: Undergraduate level 5 

Want to explore your creativity or unlock your underlying passion for prose and poetry?

Study in England’s first UNESCO City of Literature – the place where literature, quite simply, is happening right now. Experiment with prose fiction and poetry and explore your creativity, while being guided in the craft and technical elements of creative writing.

You will undertake a number of in-class exercises based on objects, handouts, discussion and visualisation, as well as being asked to write about ‘what you know’, drawing on notebooks, memory, family stories, and sensory impressions.

In both prose and poetry you will concentrate initially on generating material. In prose, students will go on to look at character, dialogue, point-of-view, ‘showing’ vs. ‘telling’, plotting, etc. In poetry, you will begin to explore the possibilities of pattern and form, sound, voice, imagery, and ‘making strange’.

You will study the work of established authors and gain the skills essential to becoming a writer, including writing in drafts and reading as a writer. You should equip yourself with a notebook for everyday use, and expect to complete exercises in your own time, and be prepared to read your work in class.

 You will finish the course by writing, editing and publishing a literary magazine for the end of summer finale celebrations.

*Please note this module is subject to approval.

Field trips may include

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (London), National Centre for Writing (Norwich).

By the end of this module students will

  • Have learnt how to write prose fiction and poetry, learning to experiment and test their writing and realising that not everything will come off.
  • Developed their knowledge of the disciplines necessary to being a writer – observation, keeping notebooks, writing in drafts, reading as a writer, and submitting to deadlines.
  • Have learnt how to be analytical – why do you like or dislike something in somebody’s writing? What is the problem with the writing? How might it be fixed? Why does it work if you like it?


There are no specific entry requirements for this module but an expectation to participate.

Hear from our Alumni!

"Infinite wonderful possibilities wove together into the vivid tapestry that was my stay in the UK." - Gabrielle from Hong Kong, Creative Writing 2017 - read the full post on our blog!

"I learned so much more about how to improve my own writing than I had in my previous classes back home, and because the module focuses on both prose and poetry, I was able to hone my skills in both areas." - Marissa from the USA, Creative Writing 2018 - read the full post on our blog!