Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful brands Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful brands

Academic lead: Dr Usha Sundaram

Accreditation: 20 UCU/10 ECTS

Academic level: Undergraduate level 5 

Are you fascinated by the world of brands and branding? Do you wonder about how advertising brings to life the power of brands, making them resonate with our emotions? 

Branding is the essence of creating a distinctive product or service that has market appeal and which consumers instantly recognize. Learn why the world’s most successful brands are so recognizable through how they are presented and advertised. Gain invaluable insights on the methods of marketing that work to connect brands with consumers and help propel sales through traditional media, like press and TV adverts, but also increasingly through digital marketing via the Internet.

This intensive and interactive module will help you explore the connection between advertising and marketing communication techniques and how they shape brand messages. In this module you will explore both theory and practice in branding and advertising and apply these in creating your own branding campaign. You will get hands-on experience of creating advertisements, posters, TV commercials, event marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and website design. This module provides the theory and practice of building and maintaining successful brands and communicating them to the target market, with hands on activities to understand how advertising campaigns are designed, developed and managed.

Field trips may include:

BBC Voices Workshop, Museum of Brands, Raveningham Advertising Trust.

By the end of the module students will be able to:

  • Understand, apply, and analyse theories of marketing communications in a practical manner
  • Create an actual marketing and branding campaign using a variety of advertising and promotional methods
  • Create an actual visual advertisement (moving or still) using production techniques learned on the module
  • Create and communicate a digital marketing campaign including the basics of a mobile optimised website, a search engine plan, and an effective social media campaign
  • Present your findings to an audience and communicate your brand values 
None – Some basic understanding of the world of business and advertising would be advantageous. 
Student Experience:

"Our professors were the best. They were enthusiastic and devoted to their students. I won't forget them!" Ludmilla, Brazil 2017

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