Assessment and credit Assessment and credit

Assessment of work

Students can expect the same academic rigour from their summer study experience as they would gain from a full time degree programme at UEA. Assessment methods vary between International Summer School modules and may be through class tests, fieldwork, presentations, written assignments or the production of a practical piece of work. Full module details including assessment methods and deadlines can be found in the individual module outlines.

Submission of work

All work will be assessed in accordance with the University’s formal guidelines and
assessed at Exam Board level. Students who successfully complete the programme and fulfill all academic expectations on one of our accredited modules will receive an academic transcript at the end of September 2018. Students on all our modules will also receive a certificate of attendance at the finale event. The final submission deadline for work is 3.00pm on 26 July 2018.

Academic credit

Please see our module pages for information about accreditation. All modules accredited at 20 UK undergraduate credits offer a minimum of 40 academic contact hours over the 4-week programme. Academic contact hours may be supplemented with experiential workshops, guest lectures or academic field trips to provide a variety of teaching methods and experiences.
An Additional Credit option is also on offer to students who wish to gain extra academic credit to transfer back to their home degree. See the module listings for full information.

Credit transfer

Those who wish to transfer credit to their home institution should gain approval from
the relevant department in advance of the programme. Arrangements can vary between institutions and UEA is not able to advise about these different processes.
The International Summer School transcript will be used by home institutions to transfer the credit gained during the programme.

Course expectations

  • Attend all compulsory induction sessions. These include; visa checking and student registration, assessment and study skills session and official module welcomes
  • Attend all academic contact hours, with a minimum of 80% attendance required to pass the programme
  • Submit all coursework by 3pm on 26 July 2018.