Sawako - Japan Sawako - Japan

Module: Psychology in Action (Psychological Research in Practice is available in 2016)

Year: 2012

What was your most memorable part of the International Summer School?

For me, meeting with wonderful people was the most memorable part of my International Summer School experience. It was hard for a non-English native speaker like me but I met good friends, teachers and staff. Without their understanding and kind and friendly support, I would not have been able to enjoy myself as much. It was the best summer I have ever experienced before!

Would you recommend the University of East Anglia’s International Summer School?

I would strongly recommend that students apply for the International Summer School at UEA because they can study and develop their academic skills, as well as enjoy the campus life in the UK with wonderful people from around the world. It is definitely worth trying. I am sure that they will have a wonderful summer at the UEA International Summer School!

What was your favourite thing about living and learning in Norwich?

My favourite thing about living in Norwich was the atmosphere. It was not too busy and not too quiet, and people there were willing to help others. The view from the library makes it easy to concentrate on my study, but also makes me feel relaxed. It is easy to go to the city centre and enjoy shopping and food there.